What is web hosting?

Web hosting is what makes your website viewable to people all over the world. Hosting makes it possible for others to view your website over the Internet – without it; you're the only one who would ever see your Web pages.
A website hosting provider stores your site on their server, It is through this that people anywhere in the world can find, open, and interact with your site.
Simply put, when you buy website hosting, you're buying space on a server. This is not unlike the space on your computer's hard drive – except that now your files can be opened from anywhere.
Webdrop provides hosting planes on our servers, additionally we offer maintenance service on external servers. 
Web hosting is one of the critical resources required when it comes to setting up a brand and an online presence. Web hosting service will allow you to show your website including the products and services to people around the world, 24/7.
What we offer at WebDrop is hosting services that can serve as the platform for your business to show off the listing of products and services. Consider the hosting service or server a space that you can rent out online. But keep in mind that this is simply the ‘space’ and doesn’t include the things you need to creatively display your products and services. But the good thing about the web hosting industry is that you can find many tools and applications that can help you spruce up your website. Our team at WebDrop can provide you with webhosting help from start to finish.
When you work with our team, we provide you with access to different web hosting packages. We will personally talk to you in order to evaluate exactly what you need and want.
Hosting services come in many forms, from managed web hosting services to dedicated web hosting services. We can help you select the best hosting package that can meet your business requirements. In short, the WebDrop team can provide you with scalable webhosting solutions for your business!
We don’t just help you select the product and sign you up for a service. We work with you from start to finish by offering you the highest level of customer and technical support. At WebDrop, we make sure that the hosting services that you choose remain consistent and reliable. We also offer responsive customer and technical support that can provide you with help anytime you need it. Our customer and technical support team is available 24/7 and provide you with the help you need. We also make sure that your site is always up and running 99.5 percent of the time. We understand that every minute of downtime can hurt your business in the long run.
Discover how WebDrop can help you run your business online. Contact +972-77-700-8629 to get free quotes on our webhosting services and to learn more about our scalable hosting solutions for different types of businesses.

Our Process

Planning your project is the first step in the process. It is important you spend enough time on planning your website, making sure your site meets the needs of your business. A well planned project saves you time, money and aggravation.

Your site's design has a huge impact on your company's internet branding. It takes the average user 5 seconds to decide if he will stay on your site or go to your competitor. You only have one chance for a first impression.

In developing your website we at Webdrop take into account all your technological needs, design features and the W3C internet standard protocol, making sure that your site can be viewed on all browsers and devices. 

Before launching your website we make sure that your site functions correctly and is in conformance with w3c standards. Quality Assurance (QA)ensures you that your website works as it was intended to work and looks as it was intended to look.

After your website passes QA and is ready to be published, we optimize the performance of your site, Building chaces in order to speed up access to your website and ensure that your website is up and running no matter how high your traffic is