Whether you are looking at a large web design and development project or just planning a new improvement on your start-up business, you can count on our own brand of web development services. Whether it’s a large or small account, we put the same effort and dedication into the project and will pass four phases- discover, design, development and deployment. We take a holistic approach to all these four phases of services to come up with a responsive web development and design services for you!


  • We don’t just blindly start all web design and development services; we take time to listen to you. We will make it a point to meet you through e-mails, checking, and online conversations to discuss your plans, communication requirements, roles, expectations and expected timelines.
  • We analyze your project and your planned websites. We don’t just analyze and ask for your technical requirements; we make sure that all these are in line with your business goals and objectives. Our team will take into consideration the visual design, the content and the layout so we will have a good idea of what you want. The results can help us come up with a guide on how to approach website development.
  • An audit will be conducted to see what is currently in place and see the gaps in implementation. A site map will be created to show where the components will be placed. This is the stage where we set up the communications protocol and identify what your business needs.
  • We will also come up with a document that will list down our recommended steps on how we can best implement SEO including the design of content and page structure. In short, we will craft a document that will list down the overall strategy that will guide the team when working on the site.


  • We will provide you with sketches or rough wireframes so you will have a rough idea how the pages will be rendered. Page tables will be presented as well that will help list down the key content arranged in order of importance. We understand that content should not play second fiddle to page layout.
  • Once you say yes, our team will then document the rest of the views. Each scenario will be rendered, and a grey box HTML prototype will be shown to indicate responsive interaction patterns.
  • Once the technical side of the pages is done, we will focus on the visual rendering of the site pages. Our team will pay attention to the color choices, fonts and sizes to give individual pages its own brand. There will be style guide that will be drafted that can be used as the guide in making the remaining pages. Here, the specific details will be outlined from topography styles to grid to content.


  • Once all the technical details are in place, then that’s the time to develop and build the site. When we build your HTML/CSS/JavaScript, we make sure that all these will satisfy W3C standards. We will put a premium on readability more than aesthetics.
  • We are experts in Drupal, so we help you build your site on Drupal, including Drupal 7. We will complete all the modular requirements and needs for an e-commerce store and provide you with a business guide on how you can continuously provide content on the site. This will complement the CMS Template Implementation where the HTML templates will be integrated into the design.
  • Before we start deployment, we make sure that the systems are checked in different browsers and devices. We will test the site on popular devices like Android, iPhone and Blackberry. We will make sure that the pages will be rendered correctly on these devices.


  • We help you create content for your website. We make sure that your team is more than prepared to take on this important phase of site development since content is critical to any website.
  • The next important step is the User Acceptance Testing where we make sure that you are satisfied with the results and you have verified that the objectives and the mission have been reached. We understand that you have some questions on your new website, so we help you understand your new baby and edit if necessary.
  • A new CMS can be tough for a new business owner, so we provide you with trainings and resources that can help you understand and use the CMS. And when necessary, we can offer assistance by demand if you need additional help.
  • Once all these are done, our team will then move to release. To make this happen, our team will make sure that the site is ready by submitting it to relevant search engines. Just before the official turnover, we will also install and configure web analytics.
  • Website takes off! This is the time where you will see a new digital creation comes to life, and a time to finally reap the rewards for your business.


If a professional web design and development firm is what you need, then consider what our team can deliver. At WebDrop, we understand how to make a mark and make every project a memorable one.  When you work with our team, you can be sure of a customized web design and professional web development services.